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Next Steps


Harrogate and Rural District CCG, Harrogate District NHSFT, North Yorkshire County Council, Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHSFT and Yorkshire Health are working together in the Harrogate and Rural Alliance Partnership to create an integrated community health and social care service for Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon, Boroughbridge and surrounding areas.

Our aspirations of the service are to:

  • Develop an integrated community health and social care service, which responds to the CCG Green Paper ‘Your Community, Your Care’ as well as to the other national and local drivers within the NHS and social care.
  • Place the person and community at the centre of everything that is designed around the needs and assets and based on a strength-based approach.
  • Be clear, realistic and ambitious about the development time that will be required.
  • Ensure successful collaboration, whilst partners maintain their own organisational identity
  • Have a vision for hubs to have a cross-cutting Multi-Disciplinary Team, with core services; aligned services, support services and services provider by wider partners as well as identifying GP practices who wish to participate.
  • Recognise and address real pressures in service delivery
  • Have a service that feels owned by the community and by all of our colleagues



The Harrogate Integrated Health and Social Care Programme (HIHSCP) has been initiated by the collective of partners to build on the work of the ‘Vanguard’ and other national models such as ‘Primary Care Home’ and deliver this next phase of the ambition.  It provides a whole system response to the CCG commissioning intentions laid out in the ‘Your Community, Your Care’ Green Paper.

The vision for the programme is that it will:

“Lead and oversee the integration of primary and community health and social care services for adults in Harrogate, build the model and finances to deliver this, and oversee the ‘Keep Change Transition Plan”.

Therefore, the programme aims to develop and create a new integrated service model for the Harrogate locality to be implemented in 2019, with agreed hub models, staffing structure and costed options for delivery.  It will also deliver the aims of the Keep Change Transition Plan during 18-19 to pave the way for the new model.